The most fun you can have on a bicycle! FWCX Tuesday Night Cyclocross Race Series returns to Panther Island!
Cyclocross is a cross between road racing and mountain biking. Competitors race laps around a course featuring a variety of surfaces (pavement, grass, sand, gravel, dirt, etc.) while negotiating a number of obstacles that may require them to dismount and remount their bicycle. Beginning in the fall and running through the winter months, cyclocross used to be mostly popular for off-season training, but has become a very popular sport in its own right. Races are very exciting to watch because they consist of adrenalin-filled laps around short courses–typically less than two miles in length.
FWCX has offerings for men, women, and free kids races. They are further separated by skill level; beginner, intermediate, and the advanced athlete. The series is officially sanctioned by USA Cycling , backed and supported by local bicycle shops, and other further supported by surrounding businesses. See for important news, race flyers, and details.
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